Wednesday, 25 April 2007

Can you name famous Belgians

I saw this ad all over Bristol this weekend and I thought it was brilliant.

Ok, people, Just for the fun of it - AND WITHOUT CHEATING - Name as many famous belgians as you can!!!


Anonymous said...

Sister Dominique, Eurovision song contest winner.

George LeMaitre, the monk who derived the equations that proved the Big Bang Theory

And I suppose Horta, the architect, though I only know him from living here.

AMC said...

I think you'll find Belgium only won the Eurovision once, in 1986. And Sandra Kim was the one performing.
Good thing that didn't come up at the quiz, huh ?

Anonymous said...

Yeah, and I couldn't even ger her name right... Dominique was the song, apparently. (Looked it up.)

And then, learned that after giving all her earnings to the convent, the Belgians went after her for back taxes (years later).

So, Belgians and taxes, suck ass.

The Convent did not provide receipts to the poor nun, just took the money and ran, and so she incurred enourmous debt. And killed herself.

So the church also sucks major ass.

Anonymous said...

Now here's a website for you...

Though I gotta tell ya, they clearly are operating under a different definition of the word "famous".

"Famous" doesn't mean someone who did something notable with their lives. It means someone who possesses "fame".

Paris Hilton is famous. (A waste of space, but there you go.)

Harry van Barneveld is not.
(Bronze medal winner in Judo in the 1996 Olympics.)

Even extending the rules as grossly as that, they came up with a paltry 269 famous belgians.

Anonymous said...

Went through the whole stupid list...

These are the only famous belgians, (using the real definition of the word).

Hieronymous Bosch
Le Maitre
Jeanne Deckers (Soeur Sourire)
Victor Horta
Audrey Hepburn
Jean Claude Van Damme
Georges Remi (Herge)

AMC said...

Oh god... you found a list somewhere that had JCVD down as a "real" famous beligan ?

It's depressing that he is a guy that depicts us to the outside world.
This famous interview should give you an idea of the sadness of the situation.

let's not forget to mention:
Dirk Frimout (astronaut)
quite a few sportsmen tho maybe less known to the general public (apart from maybe Kim and Justine - of course).
and Dutrouc. Another one we are very proud of!