Tuesday, 24 June 2008

Day 6

Day 6 - Chamonix

We had a well deserved lie-in this morning and knowing we had no driving to do today, we took it real slow.

Being so expensive, we decided to bypass the hotel breakfast and head into the village to find some coffee. Turns out Chamonix has an amazing tea-room that makes spectacular tasting cakes, pralines and nougat. And the coffee wasn't that bad either.
It's a good thing, as it was not the cheapest coffee in the world.

It was during our coffee this morning that we got a sneaky peek at the lastest trend in backpacks - Footie shirts!
(you might need to zoom in on this one!)

After café and croissants, we spent a while walking around the village checking out the shops. Pretty much your run of the mill tourist town, a good number of "brolshops" as I call them in Belgium. Shops selling totally useless trinkets, the only purpose being to clutter up some poor sod's fireplace - because the friend "just had to get them something from their holiday".

There are a pretty impressive number of clothes shops too, mostly sports gear but quite a few brands I like. Resisted temptation though and remained reserved with my money.

The tourist office was our first stop of the afternoon. Their free wi-fi gave us a chance to quickly check emails, and once open, the office provided us with a good idea to pass a couple of hours tomorrow. :)

Dinner was not as good as the first night, but traditional all the same... if you don't count the German, English, American and Italian tables scattered all around us.

I was told the car might be ready tomorrow.

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