Sunday, 12 September 2010

mobile blogging on Android

I wanted to test out blogging from my phone.

Trying straight from the browser, all I can do is input a title to the post.

It seems blogger has a few facilities for mobile blogging but it either invloves you smsing or you need a Sony phone or an icrap - err - iPhone (of course).

I'm now trying via an app I downloaded in the market. It is pretty basic but we'll see how it turns out.

(Although I need to get faster at typing before I would consider doing this often.)

Anyone else out there blogging on Android?
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John said...

Consider training your Nexus One to understand your voice, and dictate entries. I use it when I'm out to update Facebook status and Twitter and that sort of thing.

Rudi Wells said...

LOL @ iCrap
Coming from the young lady who fell in love with mine when I showed it in Brussels


AMC said...

Oh Rudi ... that was such a long time ago! ;)
Would not get an iPhone now if you paid me. Quite happy with my Nexus One!