Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Freezing point

There has been an awful lot of shit on the work side of things for a while now.

It finally came to a head today, and I am completely confused as to how I feel about it.

The curator came to visit today. We were almost - escorted out of the building and while we knew it was coming, and know it's for the best, it turned out to be a real bummer end to a brilliant week.

Those of you who know me, know that i've worked my arse of during my 2 years and a bit in this company. I have loved and hated every minute of it. Lately though, there have not been many brilliant weeks.

And I think I might be ready for a change now...

But there are a number of things I am going to miss;
My lunches out with U2-girl - she makes me laugh, my manytimes "difficult" fashion nerd, the night's out in EHV with the quizmasters (I will come again) and the comforting familiarity of it all.

funny how none of those things are work related, huh?

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