Wednesday, 27 June 2007

The paper clip thieves

This was the title of an article on yesterday's BBC news website, which looks at middle-class criminals in England.

(...) Subjects were given a list of 10 petty crimes to choose from, including paying in cash to avoid tax, taking something from work, and exaggerating an insurance claim.

Presumably, that 61% would be higher still if the list had included a wider range of crimes, such as downloading music and copying software illegally. (...)

Some of you will be amused that for once it's the middle-class that is targeted...

(...) "It's no surprise to see that these crimes are widespread in the middle class - we ought to know that having more money doesn't make you more moral," says Mr Northcott.

"In fact, the crimes are largely about hanging on to money, and the middle classes are better at that. That's what makes them middle class." (...)

(Love it!)

It goes on to talk about employees that help themselves to office supplies (I remember a certain conversation with friends on this subject not too long ago).
Now this must happen in EVERY office, using photocopiers for personal stuff, printing out a cv on the colour printer, and taking the occasional sugar lump home because you didn't make it to the GB last night and you need your cuppa in the morning. (ok, that's just me then, but it's not stealing, it's a good investment, ensuring I'm in a half decent state and mood when I turn up to work - and trust me that's worth a lot more than some sugar!!!)

At the end of the article, there are four what-would-you-do? questions. If you vote, you get the results. just a bit of fun.

Anyone feeling they want to fess up ?
The confessional is now open...

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Anonymous said...


I think if the majority of people are breaking the law, then the law has become meaningless, and should be changed, since it no longer reflects what the majority want.

Too many laws just make EVERYONE a criminal, and give governments a reason to lock up anyone they choose, when ever they choose. ("We'll get you on SOMETHING")

Personally, I'm not confessing anything here. But I've definitely bent quite a few laws out of shape, and maybe fractured a few.