Tuesday, 12 June 2007

The quasi-finished kitchen

So, it's not totally finished, I still have to do a couple of things:
- sand down the not soo straight edge of the worktop so it sits flush with the wall,
silicone the joints of the various worktops which will make washing up a lot easier. (That's my excuse for the dishes piling up - these were strategically placed out of sight while taking photos),
- find a shelf or two to hold various 'ready to use' articles,
- sort my appliance to plug ratio and insert multiplugs where possible being careful not to overload fuses which would result in darkness. Not useful while cooking of chopping onions :)
(or alternatively, get an electrician in and ask him to insert new plugs).

Did my first laundry load though and to my great relief, did not end up swimming in kitchen.

anyway, here's what it looks like now (and yes, I like my dutch tilts!).

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x said...

For sure, your kitchen becomes THE place to be in Brussels... when do you organize us a party?