Sunday, 8 July 2007

The housewarming

So I'm sat here At My Computer on Sunday afternoon with a strong dose of caffeine in an attempt to kick start my body after a somewhat short night and (I think) a relatively small amount of booze and green tea. My (17) closest friends were there to help baptise the flat and I feel we did a pretty good job of it.

It's a well known fact that when you are hosting a party, you don't really have a lot of time to sit and talk to your invités. I spent most of the evening going from the sitting room to the kitchen, checking in with the English speakers at the booze and food table (who thought this was a very good place to camp out). The office was also visited on a regular basis as one of friends thought she'd like to stock up on my TV show collection and burn a couple (yes 10, Audrey) of DVDs. :)

Another friend made "capiranhas" for everyone for most of the night, he has discovered a talent for cocktail making, though sadly I did not get to taste one.

Two others thought it was hilarious to arrive at about 11.30 and ring the doorbell claiming they were the police answering a call for noise disturbance. I rush down the stairs to find them pissing themselves on the doorstep. Hmm .... very funny! :)

The friend specialised in "Wellness" proceeded to go into my bedroom and tell me that when it comes to Feng Shui, my room is a mess! Turns out having your head pointing East is not good, neither is an open wardrobe (that's being tackled today), electrical cables running behind the head board and my sister's wicker err... sculpture (dead wood). Let's not even mention the art I was planning on putting on the wall. I have decided that, apart from the wardrobe doors, I going to ignore his comments until bad things happen.

And then there's the Indian, Australian and the Irish who camped out on my sofas providing the laughs and stories (and sarcastic digs) until 5 this morning. The sun was coming up and I had to chuck them out so we could all get a bit of sleep!!

So today I have the task of going around flat with a yellow and blue and white bin bag to clean up! Ooops almost forgot, the bottles need to go in yet a different bag (my blue bags clearly state that no glass is to be put in there!!). I've also to find a place to stash all the booze and fizzies that are left over until the next "gathering".

Not a very content worthy post, granted - but I wanted to keep a trace of it while it was still clear (OK, kinda cloudy) in my head.

A very good night! (though I'm sure my upstairs neighbour can' t have thought the same.)


Anonymous said...

What better place to camp out than the table with booze and food?

Sorry you had to kick us out, but if it makes you feel any better, I got home and slept a few hours before being woken initially by doof-doof from upstairs (the woman likes to vacuum with music up loud), and then a call from work.

It was a great night, we should do it again sometime. As you said, we shouldn't need an excuse to do it.

Anonymous said...

After I left Liz and Simon back, with a wonderfully uneventful bit of driving, I did an inadvertant spot of "spookrijders" which I got to tell you, wakes you up VERY QUICKLY or not at all, ever again.

Anonymous said...

yeah, i say what simon says!! :-)
was a good night and should be done again!!