Monday, 30 July 2007

La foire du Midi

Tonight, I paid a visit to Brussels' annual Funfair.
(Some people like to call it a carnival, I've always called it a funfair)

My story goes like this:

As a kid - when we used to come over to Brussels for holidays, Madeleine and Albert (kind of second grand ma and pa) used to take us to the foire du Midi. It would be a night we'd look forward to for ages. (Later, with price inflation, the fair became very expensive so we were introduced to Walibi and the love of rollercoasters began)

I have loads of memories of my trips to the fair, but when I go back today, each stall and every smell triggers off a memory I thought was long gone.
And ok, the music,lights and prices have changed, but the "carni" feel is still there as much as ever.

Tonight, we did try out a couple of the thrill rides (Some classics as fun worthy as ever, others just plain painful). But we actually had the most laughs in the hall of mirrors, the fun house and a sodding glass labyrinth! (We'll just skip over the 4-breasted woman, won't we, John!)
I hadn't shot a rifle pellet at a bobbing balloon for ages!!!

It's funny; tonight I was standing there 23 (oh-my-god) years later, in the exact same spot. And I felt like a kid again.
How some things change and others stay exactly the same!

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