Sunday, 1 July 2007


I've decided not to write a third version of this post.

I direct you to John's post of our rooky flight on the Vertigo.
You can always check Simon's view of the day too to get another perspective.

I'll just end with this:

It's a good ride, and I think with practice, the swinging could be synchronised and it would add greatly to the enjoyement of the ride. The lift bit reminds me way too much of Dalton though which will make absolute certain that I will NEVER set foot on the vertical tower again.

And my day will be remembered for other things besides the Vertigo:
• the absolute soaking we got on the log fumes - including J's decorative and somewhat confusing "wet" marks on trousers);
• the discovery that I have a talent for blowing things up;
• the Turbine still rocks!!! (even with mysterious smoke in tunnel). For those nostalgics amoung you, check out what Turbine looked like when it was still the Sirocco.

The countdown begins D-8...

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