Wednesday, 30 July 2008

Monkey is back!!

I was watching the BBC yesterday and their Olympics trailer came on and I hadn't seen it yet.

"Hmm this looks familiar, looks like ... Pigsy, no, can't be... "
but it is... Monkey (Magic) is back!! In animated form.

Now to be honest, I don't remember that much about the show, only that my sister, brother and I would never miss an episode. Something about a pink cloud, a growing matchstick, a guy called Sandy and an androgynous person named Tripitaka on a white horse (later confirmed it was a monk played by a girl.)
But for some reason, I, and just about all of my friends, LOVED IT.

Years after, I saw it again and wondered how it was possible that my parents ever let me watch the thing. Although my main memory of watching this was in Phil's kitchen while his dad would make us dinner. So it might be that possibly my parents weren't that keen on me watching a kung-fu show at my age. Which is fair enough!

The show came up in a conversation one night and I subsequently downloaded a season to see if I would see the appeal again. I have to be honest, apart from the nostalgia it brought back, I didn't manage to sit through a whole episode. :) It is awful. It hasn't aged very well, the dubbing is monstrous and it's quite violent.

The new version is animated, and you can guess pretty fast who by; Jamie Hewlett, the man behind the Gorillaz videos. It's pretty neat and really well done.

Well done to the Beeb for giving most 30 year olds and over (and a couple of cult young'ns) a blast from the past.

(Anyone feeling the Nostalgia too?)