Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Boredom at 4pm

This afternoon, I am so unbelievably bored at work. 

My  inbox and other mail folders have been cleaned up, my to do list is up to date and I have no end of day meetings to look forward to or prepare for. There are a few emails I could fire off, but I really can’t find the motivation.
Nothing urgent mind, so no real harm done – and to be frank, if I did do it, it would take me a grand total of 10 minutes which would still leave me 50 minutes before the final bell goes – I’ll write them in 5 minutes tomorrow morning.

That’s the nature of my job… if I’m doing it correctly, I don’t have an awful lot of constant work to do and I tend to have to depend on other people to influence my workload. Now, in most of my other jobs, during these few down times, I could have a surf, play a quick flash game (in one case, I am proud to say I even watched a whole season of Lost, with the sound on and no headphones! – come to think of it, I wasn’t the only one watching.)
It distracts me but allows me to be on hand as soon as anyone needs my input.

However at this precise point in my career, not only is my PC very selective in what it allows me to view, but more annoyingly, my back (and therefore my screen) is facing the whole office, so anyone walking anywhere can see my screen.
I do manage some harmless pages but if it’s anything else, it is so obvious that I’m “taking a break” that there’s no hope at all!

Updating this blog would be easy enough… a little email window in Outlook and off I go.
But even that hasn’t been working as I’ve been less than inspired recently and I’m really finding it hard to get back into writing. Although there has been no lack of discussions about blogs over the last few weeks to help me kick start.

J mentioned listening to podcasts and online seminars (these have the added value of notes in a pdf that can actually look like real work!) and I’ve done a bit of that. This afternoon, I’ve been finding out about Cooking the Perfect… by listening to a podcast from BBC radio 4. Quite interesting actually, just wish there was more of it. I’m still new to podcasts, so I guess it will take me a bit to find regular casts I like…

Yay, my water bottle is empty... I think I'll go down to the canteen and fill it! ;)