Saturday, 18 October 2008

Service Clientèle de Telenet Part 2

Ok, so it took me a while to finish this whole story, partly because this last month has been no picnic. If you missed part 1, you can find it here.

So, we left off with my modem seeming to work... HAHA. If only it had been that easy!

The next day, I call the Telenet help desk again (yeah, the francophone one) and tell them it doesn't work. I think it was on the Wednesday. They agree this time that the problem might be slightly more complicated than initially thought and agree to send a technician to check it out.
and yes, the traditional time slot of 8.30 - 1.00. *Groan*
However they do promise me that I will be called 20 minutes before the guy arrives so I have enough time to escape from work and come home.

For logistical reasons, I decide on Tuesday and make the appointment.

Tuesday comes around and sure enough at around 11.15 I get a call. An automated message saying the technician is on his way.
He turns up quickly once I get home. But to my surprise, he's a Flemish speaker.
I seem to remember calling the francophone help desk, but the first thing he does is ask me if I speak dutch. Fortunately for him (and me too I guess) I speak a bit so I tell him I do and he gets to work.

I have nothing against Flemish speakers and I tend to not take part in this whole language division thing that's going on in Belgium for the moment, but I did find it strange that I am the client and it is clearly stated in my account at Telenet that I am a francophone, but somehow, the technician sent to help me out is Flemish. Nice one guys!!

Anyway. The initial response from the techie, is that it's a nothing problem and I must have pushed the "standby" button by mistake. Now I can understand some people might do this, (they have now solved this problem by disabling the standby button from their modems)
However I'm not a complete twat when it comes to technology and I tell the guy this is not the problem. I try to explain that I have tried many possible solutions but to no avail and that I believe the modem has gone spastic.

He comes to this conclusion himself pretty quickly and goes down to his van and gets a replacement modem. Good me thinks, problem sorted.
After a lot of faffing about, my modem seems to resist its new adoptive home and refuses to go online properly. Out comes the ladder and up goes the technician.
He investigates the numerous cables hanging off the facade of the house and comes back with a perplexed look on his face.
But whatever it was, or was not, the modem starts blinking in all the right places.

He tells me that for the moment it's back online - I check and it is - but that it might drop out again. He doesn't seem to know why, how or when this might happen (in this instance my dutch might have let me down).

He leaves and I've had (almost) stable internet ever since.

Following the previous post, I received a comment from what seems to be Telenet's Webcare staff, saying they had read my post and wanted to resolve the issue quickly.
HA. No Shit.
No company wants a mad woman ranting about their under par services. I assume this is a real comment (unless one of you is having a laugh) but I neither posted the comment, nor responded to them.

I do think that because of my being offline for over 2 weeks, I should not have to pay for my connection during this time, and I would have been curious to see what they have to say.
But to be quite frank with you (and you, webcare people) I can't be arsed to spend another morning, noon and evening, on the phone or exchanging emails with Telenet.

I have better things to do!