Sunday, 22 August 2010

First 2010 post - how sad

Ok, I had no idea it had been over a year since I posted. Really bad.

Well yesterday I stumbled upon a great little blog about an English girl living in Brussels with her boyfriend. Besides it giving me a really good laugh in places, her observations are remarkably similar to ours with regards to Belgian life.

It has also made me want to start writing again; Not so much for the two or three of you that actually read the blog, but because I know I will love to read all this again in the coming years.

So 2010 huh?

My main news for 2010 is that this little 'burb woman (me) has, against all odds and reason, been convinced to move into the dead center of town!

You can imagine this move was a terrifying thought for me as the center was really not my favourite place in Brussels. Despite being Belgian, as any burby, I would venture into town carefully, always with a distinct purpose and walk the streets avoiding tourists and holding onto my bag for dear life.
Ok, that is a slight exaggeration, but you get the idea.

Well, contre toute attente, I actually like it here.

The thing that worried me the most on arrival, was the parking situation. I was pretty sure that I was never going to find a park or that I would have to resort to parking in a dodgy street and hope the car was still intact in the morning. Well provided I get home at the right timeslot, parking is a synch and only rarely must I venture as far as Place Rouppe to get a spot.

I keep my car pretty dirty intentionally and anything I leave in the car should do nothing to whets someone's appetite. Unless empty water bottles, plastic bags and a lighter is exciting these days. I have noticed a few scuff marks that weren't there before, but that's inevitable when parking in the street and it adds to the growing charm of my ageing crappy Ikea car ... err sorry Peugeot 206.

The gorgeous apartment we found is in a back building with a courtyard where a few other people from the building park their cars. There is really only room for three cars and while two of the spots are "reserved" already; the most awkward spot is not - Although one guy would disagree with this statement.
Everyday, we get ample distraction watching the life and times of our courtyard parking situation!

More on this another time.