Friday, 2 February 2007

Day Two

Wow, I slept soo well. Wasn't expecting to, but I fell asleep really fast and woke up to a blue sky at 9am. Just in time to make it to the famous expresso machine (I will find the small spoons tomorrow!!!)

I think I will leave my map in my bag this morning and walk around. I'm going to HAVE to get over the hate of bringing out the guide book in public. I AM a tourist, should be proud of it, even though I have a strong sense that the Florentine's don't like us invading their beautiful town too much. In fact I should guzzle my wonderful coffee and get out of here, the maid is clearly getting her message across as she has wiped down the table next to me twice already.


Piazza della Repubblica

There's a hustle and bustle on this square, and its beauty is amazing. I've decided to sit here a while and take in the atmosphere. An artist beside me is drawing the arches, and this old man has just walked passed loaded with a ladder and some paint. There is a lot of construction going on here at the moment, it means the sound you mostly hear are drills ... oh yeah.... and scooters!


I'm sitting at a table eating alone for the first time. I'm exhausted!!! Three hours this morning and I think I'm going to have to find a nice terrace or something where I can perch for an hour or two, or I'll never make it to tonight. I visited most of the south of town this morning.

The "Offices" surprised me by it's building.
Although amazing from the outside, lodged next to the Palazzo Vecchio, the inside is comprised of long corridors bordered by busts. Each room however is very demure and not very warm.
Now, I'm not much of a "paintings" person (apart from Magritte and Dali) but Botticelli's "Primavera" impressed me a whole lot more than Leonardo's efforts.

Here is a photo that will make the dirty minds smile!

Anyway, onwards to the other side of the Arno river and the next hour was spent street wondering to find a nice, typical place to eat. True to form, missed the boat on this one because I land up in a decent looking touristy place. The atmosphere is ok I guess and it has a lovely view of the river. And how quaint to have some Dutch behind me and Oh look... here come some Brits! I have seen a couple locals here, but for some reason they have been placed in another part of the restaurant.
So, not the Italian place I was hoping, but the food... was amazing! Even the rocket tastes infinitely better than back home.`
Ok it would be good if i could stop yawning long enough to put food into my mouth!


It's now about 4pm and I'm back in my room after walking back through town and stopping on the Piazza Santa Maria Novella for a read and a bit of sun. I'm knackered and to be honest, I'm a bit worried about how I'm going to fill the next two days. It would be great to meet some people.
I'm finding the amount of traffic a shame. Florence is a small but surprisingly noisy city, the not tranquil, calm place I was expecting. And have yet to find the perfect terrace to veg at, but with this sun, it's perfect!!!
I hate to say it but I miss not sharing this with someone.


I went out again around 7:30 to find a restaurant that had been recommended by some friends back home. Turned out it was way over my budget so, with McD's as a last resort in mind, the search for a place begins. I must admit, it did nothing for my confidence and state of mind as I think I walked around the whole town.
Finally settled in a nice place; the food was great and the staff were friendly (I'll not write about the four tables of Brits sharing the space). Now, this whole eating alone thing is not fun. REALLY!

Thought I'd force myself to stop in for a pint to try and end the evening on a happy note. Either that or get plastered to forget! An Irish friend had suggested whenever you feel crap, look for an Irish pub... so this is what I did. I Needed a place where people would understand me and maybe give me a couple of places I could eat in for the rest of the trip...
Went in, headed straight for the bar and ordered a pint. Started talking to the staff and very soon, I was chatting away to a couple of patrons too.
Now, for those who know me, they will see that this is quite an achievement as I am usually very shy with people and situations I find intimidating. I had a decent couple of hours and stumbled home a bit drunk with the name of tomorrow night's dinner place as well as a non-walking way to spend and afternoon. I'm going to bed tonight quite proud of myself.

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