Tuesday, 3 April 2007

Interrobang ?!

I love Pub Quizzes! They do them a lot around here on Monday nights.
By teams of 5 (or if you are willing to forgo potential prizes, 6).

So even though I can usually only answer a small few, I always get my moment of glory...
You see, it seems I have a specialist subject. This is not intentional and has caused me many an embarrassing moment but when it comes to identifying crappy music, I can usually come up with the right answer.
The obscure Rick Astley song, a certain album released by a now totally unknown boyband, basically questions only I have the impressive completely useless knowledge to answer!

Now, My team mates on Interrobang?! take the piss every time, and that's fine, 'cause I take the mocking in my stride, but, when it comes down to it, I know I have a sordid music past and it's actually coming in handy now!!

So anyway, Yesterday, despite a not so warm welcome at the Old Oak, and a quiz-master who's accent was so bizarre, half the time the challenge was understanding the question, NOT coming up with the answers, I learnt a few things which I will share with you now:

• Baking chocolate has more caffeine in it that cocoa.
• Mascara comes in 3 forms: liquid, cream and cake. (This one stunned even the girls on our team)
• The company that homes Revlon is the USA. (No still doesn't make sense but that's what was written on the question sheet so god forbid the quizmaster would question the logic of a question).
• The biggest port in South America is Buenos Aires.
• The "ob" in ob tampons stands for ohne binde, which means "without pad." (didn't need to know this? Neither did we!!!)

Ok that's enough useless trivia for now!
(We won by the way - joint first place but the other team got the prizes because there were 6 of us on the team and we did a tiny bit of cheating. Nelly likes her map you see!)

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