Thursday, 7 June 2007

Ceramics for Breakfast

OK, I know a few of you have been on at me for a post, so here it is!

And... I've finally figured out how to use links here without having to delve into the depths of my brain and remember my basic HTML knowledge. (Once again, being a Mac and Safari user, the direct and easy option was not available to me - However I have found that it does on Firefox.)

I will get around to posting pics of newly installed kitchen but here's something very cool to distract you in the mean time. This toaster is stunning!

It's from and for those interested in design, it's pretty amazing the stuff that can come out of people's brains.

Here's are a couple more not so shabby ideas I came across...
A very nifty Daisy vase made out of a biro
A stunning Astor phone which I would find hard to put down.

For the Artemide fans among you - maybe a few you haven't seen before.

And a small PS. to those who, like me, like the occasional RC. Thank god for safety regulations nowadays!!!


Unknown said...

The whole rolling/toasting thing has been considered in the past (like this)…

Someone got a little obsessed with a design website over the weekend? :)

Anonymous said...

I don't like it. The thermal gradient from one end of the toast to the other would be far too large, when you like your toast as well done as I do.