Tuesday, 14 August 2007


In the midst of this totally crazy month of August, I got to spend loads of time with Emma. Her proud dad thought she deserved a post - and her totally biased aunt thought so too - so here it is.

At the beginning of August, my brother and my sister in law introduced us to the newest member of our family. Having them here was great.
Ok, there were the traditional family spats over who gets the last of the macaroni but I got the chance to reconnect with my brother, to get to know Amanda and to play with Emma.
(the macaroni is the ridiculously crispy kind, straight out from under the grill - always brings out the glutton in us!)

Her parents gave me the most amazing photo of her in a frame. It pictures her personality perfectly. And it's right here in front of me, next to my screen.... so I see her everyday.
Cameras were out in full japanese-style force during the whole of their visit, and yet - luckily for you- I have very few digital photos of Emma as she was in Belgium.)
I did shoot off a couple of rolls of back and white film on a day trip to the animal park hoping to score a really nice portrait so I can send them one back.

I nicknamed her Grumpybum, but once she became used to seeing me (and the hundreds of other people she met on her belgian initiation) she was brilliant fun.
I have many friends (all in their early 30's!) with young children, and the kids are all really special to me. I love spending time with them (as long as I get to go home afterwards) and seeing them change week by week is amazing.

But with Emma, it's different. "run and hide" was not my first response every time she started screaming. She even did her best to put me off with her nappies and her wet biscuit covered hands. The only day of her stay when I didn't see her was when they went down to Chiny for a break, while I went up to Holland to see one of my close friends get married.

I miss them now they are gone. As annoying as it is ineveitable, months fold into years with absent family members, but when there is a child involved, you're missing huge clumps of their life. I don't like that thought!

I must sort a trip out over there, to see where she lives.
(Once the house is finished and away from mosquito, flea and spider season.:) )

(Congrats again to Rudi & Min who welcomed me into their wedding party and made certain i had a great time - despite me knowing only them. Rudi, you'll have the photos in your mailbox before you get back from your trip around Luxembourg... err sorry, Europe! :) ).

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mm&e said...

Auntie Aline,

I feel like a super star to see myself on your blog!

I really loved meeting you while I was in Belgium.

Sorry about the messy hands and dirty diapers. Hopefully when I see you next I will be potty trained and using my new hungry hippo dish set.

Come visit me soon. Our house is almost complete, mosquito season will be ending, and I'll make sure that my parents are lice free.

Love you,