Monday, 24 December 2007

Merry Xmas

Well, here I am on xmas eve, and for the second year running, I'm spending it in Bristol.
It has been a totally bizarre and yet very normal day.
We started off the day with a huge cup of coffee and a chocolate m==-oi-p (muffin was the word I was writing, however, Takanna had other ideas) in the local Cafe Nero.

Followed by a massive amount of visa usage and yet another purchase of slightly small winter coat. Let's leave it at that shall we.
A quick trip to Sainsbury's for some last little additions to the HUGE amount of food already in the fridge to be consumed tomorrow and the afternoon was done.

So, tonight, I am sitting in my sister's living room, watching Captain Jack Sparrow after having just finished a kebab. What traditional way to spend xmas eve. I love it.

We had planned to go and see if the Bristolians had once again won the award for most electricity spent on lighting up a house for Christmas but a greedy dog ambushed our plans by eating an entire xmas pudding. This is a problem because it turns out that raisins are highly toxic for dogs.

So, finally ending my blogstipation, I'm sat here thinking about who is currently doing what on their respective xmas eves... and while for some, it has been over for almost 10hours already, others in the East haven't even started.

Whatever you are doing tonight and tomorrow, Enjoy!!!!

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