Saturday, 15 March 2008

It's in the air tonight.

The Georges Henri carnival is in town!
It's a tiny thing with one or two kiddy rides, arcades and food stalls, but it has brought a nice atmosphere to the street.
I'm sat here tonight, with all the windows open (uhuh, it's 15 ° outside) and I can here the occasional scream, not from the landlord this time, but from the rides.
(god, I really miss the Waltzers - although I didn't realise they were so perilous!!)
We are very lucky this year, Easter falls early and so do the holidays. This means we get an extra couple of weeks of rollercoaster season. :)

It's that time of year again. The season is almost upon us!

(I know most of you will have lost interest by now)

Now the last year couple of years have been crackers with a good few little outings. I got to go back to Disneyland resort Paris (or whatever) for an exhausting 2 days. I managed to detour slightly to Alton for one of the best coasters yet for me. And then; there was Goliath.

But there has always been Walibi (- finally an updated website!).
I know we are in Belgium, and it's a shitty little place, but out of all the parks I've visited, the best mix is there.
It's a manageable sized park, and it has some great rides. However, last season, it was starting to be more about queuing than anything else.
I'm all for a bit of queue. I'm usually fine with a good ten minutes. I think it's necessary to let the adrenaline levels lower inbetween rides. But when you spend your day out standing in queues surrounded by idiots, and at the end of it, you realise you only managed three or four rides, it leaves behind a bitter after taste.

Anyway, start of season should be ok.
By the time we get there, the machines (coaster, tills or otherwise) should be well oiled.

Must check if there are any parks on the way down to spain!


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Hmm seems my post lost a little, that was supposed to be a wiki link to coasters in spain.


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Wiki what?
Never heard of it.