Thursday, 17 April 2008

On yer bike.

Most of you will know, I am not what you call an exercise freak.
I, like most other people, find it hard to actually get my butt into gear and get going.

However, with my new job being only 2,5km away, I have decided I am going to leave the car at home and replace it with a stunningly becoming florescent yellow vest and a flashy helmet... and a bike.
Knowing that it would take me a whole 10 minutes longer to take the car or the metro, I can't really justify getting to work any other way.

So I'm proud to say, that since Monday, I have been cycling to work.
And here I am, 4 days later, and although a little less motivated that the first morning, It's going OK. I have found a relatively easy route to work, avoiding the busy streets as much as possible.
It take me a total of 9 minutes!

Testing possible routes out last weekend, I quickly noticed that while we are being "encouraged" to leave our cars at home, Brussels still has a lot to do before it becomes safe to ride a bike during rush hour.
I take a pretty busy route crossing one of our most perilous 4-lane roundabouts, and riding down main roads. And not a single cycle lane!
So not wanting to get squished by the average Belgian driver, I avoid the roundabout in the morning and take the pedestrian route (- which I'm not actually allowed to do!)

Anyway, I just thought this new hobby of mine deserved to be documented. :)

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