Monday, 27 April 2009

A new beginning

First post of 2009 - and it's .... April. How pathetic.

Ok so I have given up on the idea that I will ever finish writing up my posts on Japan. Maybe one day you'll get to see at least the photos as there are some really nice ones.

I really haven't been finding the motivation to write recently, maybe because I've not had a lot to say, maybe because I haven't found the time, but probably because I used to make the most of some quiet time during the day to write a few lines and there has been no quiet time to speak of recently.

I have been experimenting in the kitchen recently and I thought it might be nice to document some of my attempts.
Someone might be looking for inspiration for dinner one day and land on these pages.

I will not be detailing everything to the letter, as I strongly believe that in the every day kitchen, you have to improvise.

Please leave comments if you try them out...

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