Friday, 20 June 2008

Day 2

Day 2 - Aumont Aubrac - Bégur (err sorry Aiguablava) - approx 5hrs drive.

Earlish start after visiting the ATTAC supermarket to pick up some water and stuff.
This morning's drive was amazing;
stunning scenery, a next to empty motorway and gorgeous weather. This is the driving I love.

We continue our discovery of the middle France, passing by Rodez. The place holds a special - but not soo positive - place in my heart as it reminds me of the summer I spent there while working as a Club Med GO, way back when. And for some reason the 3 times I've crossed France, I've bypassed this area.

The main attraction of the morning was catching a glimpse of the Millau Viaduct.
This is the tallest bridge in the world and it's bloody stunning.
(Someone else will probably write about this technological feat a lot better than I will)

(Please excuse the squashed bugs tainting the fabulous scene)

We did cross over it, and much to my regret, I didn't see much of the view, as I was quite conscious of being high up and driving a car. :)

We cross the border into Spain somewhere around lunchtime, fill up on petrol and I notice immediately that driving alongside trucks on Spanish roads is going to make for a slightly stressful last leg of the journey.

Some time mid afternoon, nicely toasted from the car, we arrive at destination and discover with delight that the "staff" room we were staying in at the Pizzeria, was on the roof with a private terrace and a stunning view of the bay. Very nice start.
(Although the small washing machine in the bathroom having just finished a cycle should have tipped us off.)

As about 150 Belgians were descending on this town for the wedding, and it wasn't long before we all congregated to the fiancé's villa next door for a somewhat larger than planned barbecue.
A good way to catch up with old friends and meet new ones ahead of tomorrow's ceremony.

Cath organised most of this weekend herself.
I sure being co-owner of an events company - Ta Bas Co with Emilie and Sophie helped, but she had the confidence to undertake this and all the details were thought of.
Even the little welcome kit in every hotel room, complete with personal note, area guide and biscottis !!)

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