Saturday, 21 June 2008

Day 3

Day 3 - The wedding - Aiguablava and Pals - approx 35°.

We shamefully spent the morning in bed, trying to get an extra 40 winks before having to face the heat (and his worst nightmare).
The mood over Bégur was slightly stressed for some and being able to see wedding HQ from our terrasse I realise that there's still a lot that needs to be done and it's getting late already.

Driving around in the exhausting heat, desperately trying to find a nice place to sit and relax for lunch, we are forced to fall back on a supermarket. A baguette, some ham and cheese and a pot of aioli (in homage to the last time I was in Spain with Cath) later, we head back to the room for a now very late and speedy lunch. With only 30 mins to finally eat and get dressed the stressed atmosphere from the villa has wafted over to our room.

And then Massimo Dutti fucks up.
I was soo looking forward to seeing my man in his new suit, but this was not to be. When making the alterations to the suit jacket, they (and how they managed this I have no idea) stitched one of the arm linings wrong thus making it impossible for him to put his arm in the sleeve - I think he was secretly relieved at not having to wear a jacket in this heat though!

Now reeling from one of the worst migraine's I've ever had the chance to get, we grab the last of the flowers, stuff them in the boot, and head off to the church.

It was a bit of a walk from the car park, but it was well worth it,
the church and it's front courtyard was stunning.
(You have to hand it to Cath, who really knows her stuff
and persevered to find her perfect place.)

All the long summer dresses were out; the suits and ties too (I pity all men at this point - how they managed to not faint in the heat is a bloody miracle). Everyone, as expected, looked stunning.
Have you ever noticed that some people, despite the baking sun, manage to stay immaculate; no hair out of place, no running makeup, no flushed cheeks... ? (I am not one of these people!)

Everyone retreated into the church for some well earned coolness and we all waited impatiently for the bride to arrive. (We knew she was running late, something about the hairdresser.)

I'm going to bypass the ceremony, except to say that it was absolutely beautiful, very moving and ****ing painful.
(At this point I will take two seconds to thank Pedro, for assuming the role of designated driver, to get my car safely back to the pizzeria for I was now no longer in any state to drive).

The rest of the afternoon noon for me, was spent in bed trying to recover so I could at least enjoy the reception.

Feeling a lot better (thank god!) we head down to the beach for dinner and dancing.

I think we might have given Belgians a bit of a bad name tonight
(mmeehh, so what else is new?), our enjoyment resounded out
from the cove disturbing the peace in a pretty spectacular way.
This at least until the hotel management let us know
that we really must to keep the noise down.

Congrats to Cath and Max;
Amazing planning, fantastic setting, good food and just an all around memorable night.

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