Sunday, 22 June 2008

Day 4

Day 4 - Bégur - Avignon - approx 6hrs drive.

The morning was spent outside in the sun drinking coffee and eating cookies bought from the nearby shop with Emilie, the "single one". (as she was flatteringly named by the pizzeria staff - charming!!!) (I'm sorry sweetheart, but it was a classic and it had to be mentioned!).
She provided us with last night's end of party gossip and a good dose of laughter.

The 2euro map was out on the table and the main decision of the day was where we would head to from here.
The options were either tails; up the coast to the west, or heads; drive up into the mountains to the east. It was heads, EAST.
Various members of the Belgian delegation dropped by for a quick chat during our serious trip planning and I noticed how jealous they all seemed to be when we told them of our decision methods!

We packed up our stuff, waved goodbye to the happy couple on their way to the beach, stocked up on some cold water and nuts, and set off towards Avignon.

We got into Avignon some time early evening and despite it being a lot bigger than I thought, It is a beautiful town completely surrounded by ramparts. After visiting one of the dingiest hotels ever, we settle on the Etap Hotel just outside the city walls - I'm not usually a big fan of these kinds of places as I find them sterile and deprived of any charm, but they are cheap and comfortable and the staff here were really very friendly.

We walk into town for some dinner and - yes, I know - ended up at an Irish pub.
Despite it being feeding season for the mosquitoes around our table, my salad was actually really tasty, and big enough to feed a small village.
At least they managed to spell "Salad" correctly, can't say the same about the "Salmon Irisch". Oh dear.

A very warm and sticky night followed... however after the paper thin walls of the Pizzeria, what luxury to have a bit of quiet.

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